Saturday, January 21, 2012


A Few Questions Answered:

Q: Does VISTAPRINT support FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?

A: No*

Q: Does VISTAPRINT have any checkout option other than PayPal for their hosted websites?

A: No*

My Conclusion:

VistaPrint - No FTP; Only PayPal*

* Source: VistaPrint Customer Service representative, Eugene, via phone conversation 2012, January, Day 20, Friday - having called: 866-811-4994

The purpose of this post is to publish answers to questions I spent hours researching.  This blog, author, article, represent none of the companies or products mentioned (VistaPrint, PayPal, etc.).  Hope it Helps!!!

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  1. Wow this is unfortunate that they are so limited. Hopefully, soon they will loosen up their rules