Thursday, November 7, 2013

Practical Gifts for Christmas and other Holidays

What is a good gift? A good gift communicates that you care.
Here is a list of practical gifts. Write gift ideas in the comments. I will add them to this post.

Foot warming footwear:
1 extra large slipper or soft clog shoe (larger than the person normally wears)
1 pair of socks
3 cups of rice
2 rubber bands
(need a microwave to heat up the foot warmer)

1 - Divide rice in half
2 - Put rice into socks (if the socks aren't flat enough to fit in the shoe with your foot remove some rice)
3 - Place rubber band around open end of socks
4 - Heat socks in microwave. The heating time will depend on how powerful the microwave is. Try two minutes at first then adjust as necessary.
5 - Place sock in oversized shoes

If you have a practical gift idea to share comment now below!

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